Chromosome 10

Chromosome 10 represents between 4% and 4.5% of the total DNA in cells.


  • autosome
  • medium sized chromosome
  • about 135,000,000 base pairs
  • about 1,106 genes

Gene examples of chromosome 10:

FGFR2: The protein encoded by this gene belongs to a family of fibroblast growth factor receptors, that play a role in cell division and regulating cell growth and maturation. Mutations in the FGFR2 gene can cause a number of genetic disorders (such as Pfeiffer syndrome, Apert syndrome, Beare-Stevenson cutis gyrata syndrome, Jackson-Weiss syndrome or Crouzon syndrome), which are characterized by premature fusion of bones in the skull, hands and/or feet.

The gene VIM encodes for vimentin. Vimentin belongs to the intermediate filaments which build along with the microtubules and microfilaments the cytoskeleton (a network out of proteins that are responsible for the mechanical stability of the cell and its outer shape, for active movements of the whole cell and for movements and transports inside the cell) of a cell. Vimentin is mesenchymal tissue specific (embryonal connective tissue).

The chromosome 10 image

The whole chromosome 10 image has a width of 3500 px and a height of 38688 px. It is too big to display here but you can download the chromosome 10 image. A 200 px wide overview of the chromosome can be seen on the right (bottom). Additionally, we show some details out of the original sized chromosome picture below.

Image details (examples):