Chromosome 6

Chromosome 6 represents between 5.5% and 6% of the total DNA in cells.


  • autosome
  • medium sized chromosome
  • about 171.000.000 base pairs
  • about 1,505 genes

Gene examples of chromosome 6:

The RDS gene encodes a protein called peripherin, which is found in photoreceptors (specialized cells for the detection of light and color) in the retina (a light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye). In these photoreceptors, peripherin is involved in the formation and stability of structures that contain light-sensing pigments. Mutations in the RDS gene cause a wide range of retinal abnormalities with a slow degeneration of photoreceptor cells that leads to progressive vision loss.

EDN1: This gene encodes endothelin-1, which is one of the most powerful substances for constriction of blood vessels and thus for increasing of blood pressure known. It is more than 100 times more effective than noradrenaline. Endothelin also affects the contraction of the heart, the frequency of heart beats and the blood circulation of the kidneys.

The chromosome 6 image

The whole chromosome 6 image has a width of 3500 px and a height of 48835 px. It is too big to display here but you can download the chromosome 6 image. A 200 px wide overview of the chromosome can be seen on the right (bottom). Additionally, we show some details out of the original sized chromosome picture below.

Image details (examples):